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Crest combines location-based customer analytics with real-time listing search optimization. Discover vital sales insight, set targets for growth, forecast future activity, track order markets, and more…

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Comprehensive Advanced location-based customer analytics

Crest boasts simple, yet powerful tools that provide quick and easy insight into your shop. Filter listings by revenue and popularity, or discover markets via order geolocation.

Crest's analytics include past period options, allowing you to easily track your performance. Add in color coding for key metrics, and it's even quicker to see how you're doing.

Track listings by price, status, and more

Identify performance and monitor trends

Refined Real-time search engine optimization

Crest contains an integrated SEO engine that allows you to edit your listing titles, tags & descriptions and receive real-time feedback on how they affect your SEO rating.

Further improve your listings with a dedicated keyword tool. Check competition levels and find similar keywords. Color-coded results makes finding great choices a breeze.

Over 30 checks and recommendations

Supplement tips with general suggestions

Creative Generate and share video content from listings

Marketing your listings with video is the future, however they take time to produce. Since Etsy sellers are always against the clock, Crest has the solution…

Simply select a set of photos from a listing, choose a transition effect, and Crest will generate a video ready for you to upload to Etsy or share on social media.

Images automatically formatted to size

Wipe, fade, zoom and cover effects

Driven Track performance with goal and forecast reports

With Crest's activity targets, you can easily set goals for critical shop areas such as your listings & orders, and then track your progress with friendly, graphical widgets.

Setting realistic goals becomes even easier thanks to forecast metrics for listings and orders based on the previous 90 days, 6 months, or even a full year.

Monitor progress with time graphs

Set goals for listings, orders & revenue

Precise Manage all of your data from a single place

Crest excels at organizing and presenting what you need, when you need it. From listings categorized by SEO rating to recent shop activity. All bases are covered.

Running multiple shops? Not a problem! Crest supports up to three shops on a single subscription, allowing you to keep on top of your entire business network.

Monitor SEO, orders, revenue and activity

View combined data from up to 3 shops

The complete platform

Crest sweats all the small details, so you don't have to. Check out all the amazing things it can do to help your business reach a whole new level.

Shops Easily connect one, two or even three Etsy shops up to Crest all for the same incredibly low price every month.

Listings Search for listings by status, price, quantity, expiration, and more, then track their views, likes and orders.

Orders Search for orders by buyer name, country, price, and more. Discover repeat buyers and track performance.

Targets Set goals of varying duration for listings, orders and revenue. Use friendly charts to monitor your current progress.

Popularity Discover your most popular listings through your orders, then filter by country, state, and even city.

Location Filter through your orders by country, state, city and district, then track your performance in these areas over time.

Forecast Project future listing activity, order numbers and derived revenue for the next 90, 180 or 365 days.

Search Refine your listing SEO to maximize views and sales with comprehensive tips and keyword tooling.

Video Generate video content from your Etsy listings in seconds, then share it on social media or directly on Etsy.

Smart Get started with free SEO guides and video tutorials

Learning a new tool is always daunting… thankfully, Crest makes it easy with a complete getting started video series explaining how to use each feature it offers.

Crest also includes a free SEO guide, designed to get sellers up to speed with the ins and outs of search. It's the perfect place to begin your SEO journey.

Almost a dozen videos covering each feature

SEO guides cover tags, keywords, and more

Participate in the revolution

Crest is already helping a great many Etsy sellers to develop a better understanding of marketing, to become more productive with their time and to grow their businesses to a whole new level. Join them now!

As someone that teaches Etsy for a living, Crest is my favorite tool for creating listings with perfect tags, titles, and descriptions. I love how it gives my more


Jenny Waldrop, Fuzzy & Birch

Top Etsy Coach & Seller

Crest is incredibly intuitive, making testing SEO changes and seeing directly what it does to a listing really easy and most importantly, quicker than ever more


Deborah Engelmajer, Tizzit.co

Handmade Business Coach

Crest allows me to see actionable data that Etsy unfortunately does not provide to us as sellers. This helps me make powerful decisions resulting in higher sales.


Dave DeNard, AddToCart

Top Etsy Coach & Seller

Affordable, no matter your budget

At Crest, we understand that a modern Etsy seller needs cost effective tools. That's why we've priced our offering at a level that makes it viable for all.

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Up to 3 Etsy shops
Unlimited data imports
Daily database backups
Regular app updates
Live chat tech support
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