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Crest is a fresh, clean and modern customer analytics tool for Etsy. Discover vital sales and marketing insight, set targets for growth, forecast future activity, track order locations & markets, and more…

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Comprehensive Gain deep insight into your shop

Crest boasts simple, yet powerful tools that allow you to quickly discover critical details about your shop's performance whether it be today, over the past month, or the past year.

Track your listings by status, price, and more.

Identify order performance and monitor trends.

Precise Identify your market hotspots

Crest performs geo-location analysis of your orders to intelligently group them by country, state, city and even district, allowing you to better invest your time and marketing budget.

Track current and past sales by location.

Identify popular listings relevant to markets.

Driven Stay motivated with activity targets

With Crest's activity targets, you can easily set goals for critical shop areas such as your listings & orders and then track your progress with friendly, graphical widgets.

Monitor your progress with time-based graphs.

Set short or long term goals for listings, orders & revenue.

Refined Perfect the SEO of your listings

Crest includes a marketing report packed with tips to optimize your listings for search. Dynamic fields allow you to make changes and immediately see the effect on the report's opinion of the listing.

Improvements for tags, titles and descriptions.

Tips supplemented with general recommendations.

The complete platform

Crest sweats all the small details, so you don't have to. Check out all the amazing things it can do to help your business reach a whole new level of success.

Shops Easily connect one, two or even a dozen Etsy shops up to Crest all for the same incredibly low price every month.

Listings Search for listings by status, price, quantity, expiration, and more, then track their views, likes and orders.

Orders Search for orders by buyer name, country, price, and more. Discover repeat buyers and track performance.

Targets Set goals of varying duration for listings, orders and revenue. Use charts to monitor your progress.

Popularity Discover your most popular listings by orders, then filter by country, state, and even individual cities.

Location Filter through your orders by country, state, city and district then track your performance in these areas over time.

Forecast Project future listing activity, order numbers and derived revenue for the next 90, 180 or 365 days.

Marketing Refine your listing SEO to maximize views and sales with comprehensive tips and recommendations.

Support Get vital assistance when you need it with FAQs and Crest's premier email support. It's always available.

Affordable, no matter your budget

At Crest, we understand that a modern Etsy seller needs cost effective tools! That's why we've priced our offering at a level that makes it financially viable for all!

What's Included
Up to 3 Etsy shops
Unlimited data imports
Daily database backups
Regular app updates
Email technical support
Endless supply of love

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$12.99 USD

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